1. Can I get a sample RFQ?

Here is the RFQ issued by Dallas Housing Authority. This is a public document and you can use it to create your own RFQ/RFP

2. What happens when I sign up for the free trial?

Our team will create an account for you in BoodsKapper and send you instructions on how to make your upcoming inspections available to BK. We suggest that you continue to assign inspectors to inspections for the remaining days of the month. During that period your inspectors will use BoodsKapper to optimize their routes. Meanwhile you can upload the annual inspections for the subsequent month. That is when you will really see how efficient your inspection planning can be. You can then continue to upload all other inspections as they become available. During this entire process the BoodsKapper product specialist will be available to answer any questions you have.
The free trial will last for  30 days so you can complete your own procurement process before the free trial expires.

3. Can BoodsKapper handle ad hoc, QC, and re-inspections?

Yes. BoodsKapper is trained to handle all types of inspections. This includes annual inspections, bi-annual inspections, reinspections, Abate Cure inspections, Quality Control Inspections and Special Inspections.

4.  We are in the process of switching from annual to bi-annual inspections. Can BoodsKapper help us with the switch?

Yes. All that you have to do is to upload the history of your annual inspections for the last few years. The application will automatically spot the transition if you are in the middle of it. Going forward the application will automatically follow the HUD regulations on the topic.

5. How much can I expect to save on fuel?

About 20%. In most cases, the savings on fuel costs alone will pay for the software.

6. How is BoodsKapper integrated to my work order management system, like Yardi?

BoodsKapper is an AI based application. You can upload your inspections in whatever format you have to BoodsKapper. There is no technical integration to an order management application.

7. We are a firm that manages section-8 inspections for several public housing authorities. Can we use BoodsKapper?

Yes. You will be able to deploy the solution like any PHA, as well as, participate in the 30-day free trial.

8. We prefer to assign inspectors to inspections manually. Can our inspectors still use your app for optimizing their routes?

Yes. You can use BoodsKapper for optimizing routes alone. Often times there may be a need to have a mix of both - where some inspections are assigned whereas others are not. BoodsKapper is able to understand this difference and assign inspectors to only unassigned inspections. In general, you can assume that the best results occur when all work assignment is handled by BoodsKapper. If you have made time commitments with the clients and landlords; for example, we will be on-site between 9AM-Noon, then the BoodsKapper optimization will work with these constraints.

9. What is your 1% pledge?

BoodsKapper pledges to give 1% of our revenues from the PHA products to charities working to end homelessness. You can double this amount by referring us to another PHA. For example, if you are an employee of Dallas Housing Authority you can refer us to another PHA. We will donate 1% of the revenues from the new contract to your charity (in this case Opportunity Rising) and another 1% to the charity of choice for the user from the other PHA. .

10. Can building code inspectors use your app?

Yes, building code inspectors can use the app.  Our product is a virtual office assistant that can do three things:
• Send the right technician to the right work order
• Interact with the customer over various texting mediums
• Provide real time reporting.
There are several organizations that can use the product; for example, code inspectors, case workers, AC repair companies, pool services, food delivery services, etc.

11. What is your pricing?

Please contact us at info@boodskapper.com for pricing details suited to the size of your organization.