AI-Based Virtual Employees
BoodsKapper (BK) is a software platform for creating virtual employees. In our opinion, there are two prerequisites to make a viable product: the ability of software to understand the vocabulary used in a domain, and the ability to quickly teach the delta skills needed for a specific customer. Our two products in the market with pre-trained skills in their domain are a Virtual Supply Chain Analyst for Manufacturers and a Virtual Inspection Analyst for Housing Authorities running the HCV program.
AI-Based Virtual Office Assistant
BoodsKapper (BK) is a virtual office assistant that can assign the right technician to the right work order, engage with your customers and provide conversational reporting. BK is trained with best practices in the public housing, HVAC and Food manufacturing industries.
Virtual office assistant for the Public Housing Authorities
BK is trained to run the housing choice voucher program with a high degree of automation and visibility for management. BK can assign Annual Inspections, Bi-annual Inspections, Re-inspections, Abate Cure Inspections, Quality Control Inspections and Special Inspections to the right inspector, carry out the conversations with the landlords and clients through various messaging channels, and provide real time reporting to management.
Setup in less than one day
Fuel savings of 20% or more (Enough to pay for the software)
Real time visibility of inspection activities
Automated adherence to HUD policies
Virtual Supply Chain Analyst for Manufacturers
The Virtual Supply Chain Analyst for manufacturers is trained with concepts such as fill rate, gross & net sales, gross profit margins, and plant performance, BK also understands aggregation levels such as business units, categories, and divisions. The product is currently being used by Field Supply Chain, Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Transportation Management, Reverse Logistics, and Warehouse Management teams.
Make information available conversationally to all stakeholders
Ask BK to alert you when certain business situations happen
Deploy in a few days