AI-Based software platform for Public Housing Authorities
BoodsKapper makes software to streamline the collaboration between Public Housing Authorities, Landlords and Tenant families. BoodsKapper can reduce the inspection wait times dramatically and improve your relationship with your landlords. Finally, BoodsKapper can improve the odds that your voucher holders can find a unit from the private market.
AI-Based Virtual Office Assistant
BoodsKapper (BK) is a virtual office assistant that can assign the right technician to the right work order, engage with your customers and provide conversational reporting. BK is trained with best practices in the public housing, HVAC and Food manufacturing industries.
Virtual HCV analyst for the Public Housing Authorities
BoodsKapper (BK)can be seen as an AI-based virtual Housing Choice Voucher Program analyst with the following skills.

Plan and allocate inspections to the right inspector taking into account your Housing Authorities priorities/rules, traffic conditions, inspector's personal time off and need to avoid or allow toll roads.
Provide chat-based customer service for your landlords and clients.
Monitor operations as an HCV analyst and escalate issues to management.

BoodsKapper can reduce the wait times for inspections, significantly reduce the workload of your dispatch team and improve the odds of your new voucher holders finding a unit in the allocated time.

Reduce inspection wait time to 1-2 days
Fuel savings of 20% or more
Real time visibility of inspection activities
Eliminate delinquents
Listen to Dallas Housing Authority Chief Operating Officer David Zappasodi and VP of Voucher Programs Brooke Etie talk about how they are using AI to improve HCV operations.