The first AI-based software platform for Public Housing Authorities
BoodsKapper improves the collaboration between Public Housing Authorities, Client Families, Landlords and Nonprofits working on family self-sufficiency programs. With our software, clients in Housing Choice Voucher programs are more likely to find a housing unit that works for their family and improves life outcomes.
AI-Based Virtual Office Assistant
BoodsKapper (BK) is a virtual office assistant that can assign the right technician to the right work order, engage with your customers and provide conversational reporting. BK is trained with best practices in the public housing, HVAC and Food manufacturing industries.
Case Management Live Chat
Case Management Live Chat makes it possible for Housing Authorities to provide support to clients and landlords through a modern chat interface. 

Industry-specific natural language understanding. Clients and landlords can chat with the bot and explain the reasons why they want to reach a case manager
Work allocation to the right case manager based on the conversation mentioned above and your rules
Real-time reporting
Channel for your case management teams to collaborate

Digital case management
Channels for case management teams to collaborate
Real-time reporting
Virtual HCV analyst for the Public Housing Authorities
With many of the same capabilities as a human Housing Choice Voucher program analyst, BoodsKapper uses AI to go beyond human efficiency by:

Planning and allocating inspections to the right inspector based on your Housing Authority’s priorities/rules, traffic conditions, inspector's personal time off and need to avoid or use toll roads.
Providing chat-based customer service for your landlords and clients.
Monitoring operations as an HCV analyst and escalating issues to management.

BoodsKapper can reduce inspection wait times, reduce the workload of your dispatch team and improve the odds of your new voucher holders finding a unit on-time.

Reduce inspection wait time to 1-2 days
Fuel savings of 20% or more
Real time visibility of inspection activities
Eliminate delinquents
Listen to Dallas Housing Authority Chief Operating Officer David Zappasodi and VP of Voucher Programs Brooke Etie talk about how they are using AI to improve HCV operations.

DHA Transforms Affordable Housing With InspectionMate

West Dallas wasn't incorporated into the city until 1954. Even after it was annexed, the community was mostly known for having one of the highest concentrations of public housing in the country, along with harmful pollution from a nearby smelter facility. Now, it is one of the faster-growing neighborhoods in the city, transformed into a vibrant community.

BoodsKapper lands seed round with focus on affordable housing - Dallas Business Journal

New technology is changing the way the world works and the way that people live their everyday lives. However, one local software company aimed at finding housing for everyone is hoping its tech can spur change across the country.